1. How to make your birthday unforgettable

How to make your birthday unforgettable

10. Mar 2023

Today, there are many different and exciting ways to celebrate a birthday, and choosing among them can be quite difficult. Here are 5 tips on how to make the party unforgettable with a reasonable budget.

Only sitting together at a long table does not offer guests an experience – do something new!

The place for the party should be chosen where, in addition to eating at the table and making an impression, it is possible to try something new and interesting and gather knowledge. While it’s also great to host an event in restaurants and other dining venues, sometimes it’s worth exploring options outside of them as well. For example, instead of using museums or activity centers as a party venue, where in addition to the taste and drink experience, many other things are offered, including humorous performance tours, where you can get fun and learn new things.

Get everything you need in one place.

It is useful to find a place that offers everything you need for a great event – entertainment, music and catering. For both price and quality, it should be noted that the kitchen is on site and that food is not ordered from elsewhere. Therefore, there is no need to look for a separate event planner, but everything necessary will be arranged for you at the party venue. It seems like an additional cost, but you don’t have to worry about the party, because it is handled by professionals, and this option is cheaper than hiring a separate event organizer. It is also worth looking into the party venues in smaller places, as the prices there are more reasonable than in the big city.

You also have to think about how guests can get there with ease.

Moving the event very far from home is exciting and novel for both the organizer and the guests, but there may be problems with transportation. Some arrive later due to a long drive, and others have to leave earlier to avoid arriving home late at night. While the guests live in different parts of Estonia, it is a good idea to organize the event in the center of Estonia, because thanks to this, everyone’s journey is the same length. Therefore, it is worth investigating the possibilities offered in Central Estonia. If it is known that some of the guests do not want to drive after the party, it is worth checking whether the party venue offers overnight accommodation or cooperates with a nearby accommodation facility. In this way, it is possible to get the best price for overnight stays, and drivers can also enjoy the party without worry.

Also think about the live performer.

It is especially nice to dance to live music and it is an important part of a proper party. When considering a party venue, it’s worth looking into what performers the venue offers, as they generally work with either bands that are just starting out or bigger stars. If there is no suitable option among the offered options, you could also look into whether it is possible to invite a familiar performer to the party and what possibilities there are for equipment rental on site.

Always check the feedback given to the party venue.

In order for the event to run smoothly and for unexpected costs not to be added later, feedback from previous customers should be studied. If there have been several problems in the past, it is worth being suspicious of the place. When choosing a party venue, you should also look into the experiences of your friends with different places, because their feedback is the most reliable and helps you make a good decision.

If you want a really free birthday, put a gift wish of €50 on the birthday invitation and if 10 people come to the party, you can have a free birthday!

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