Further development of the Wittenstein Timecenter

Name of beneficiary: SA Ajakeskus Wittenstein.

Project name: “Further development of the Wittenstein time center”.

The total cost of the project is 1,815,820.61 euros, of which 1,543,447.51 euros are supported by the funds of the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union.

The self-financing of the project is covered by the Ministry of Culture in the amount of 272,373.10 euros, and the city of Paide in the amount of 60,000 euros and the foundation in the amount of 11,000 euros.

Establishment of a unique activity-based experiential museum in the Baltics. Special attention is paid to the creation of an environment based on the influences of the 19th century, on the example of a small town, to introduce Estonian history in an even more experiential way.

Project eligibility period: 2014 – 2020.

The share of support for the priority direction: The further development of the Wittenstein Time Center aims to significantly revive both domestic and foreign tourism and increase the recognition of Estonia as a tourist destination in foreign markets. As a result of the implementation of the project, up to 7 new jobs will be created, its development will be accompanied by a significant increase in other tourist services (accommodation, catering and other leisure services) in the region.

The goal is for the tourist to stay in the area for several days. The location of the project implementation is the town of Paide.

Media coverage

ERR / Olev Kenk

Järvamaa museum will move to a new museum-activity center in a year

The Järvamaa Museum will leave the building in Lembitu Park in Paide and move to the museum-activity center being built next to the main street by the summer of next year. Although the construction contract was signed, the customer, the Wittenstein time center, is missing almost a quarter of a million euros.

TV3 / Virgo Pärn

A 19th-century museum-activity center is being built in Paide

Today, the construction contract for the 19th century museum-activity center to be built in Järvamaa Museum in Paide was signed, the work should be completed in January next year and the doors should open in June of the same year.