Wittenstein Activity Museum

Introduces the 19th century small-town life through engaging workshops and storytelling with artifacts.

Tallinna tn 9/11, 72713, Paide, Estonia


The reconstruction of the museum has been based on ensuring accessibility.

If you come by car, you can park in the parking lot in front of the Wittenstein Activity Museum (Tallinn tn 9/11, Paide).

The entire exposition of the museum can be visited with a wheelchair. There is a lift to get to the second floor.
There is a accessible toilet in the museum.

There are tangible exhibits. There are film programs, visually impaired people can listen to the program and thereby gain knowledge about the exposition.

Museum staff will help whenever possible.

Aile Kaasik

Assistant manager-collector
Tel +372 55 68 3760

Ründo Mülts

Research manager
Tel +372 56 68 2165

Leelo Saar

Chief Treasurer
Tel +372 55 63 7859

Maie Rüütel

Tel +372 55 63 7859

Timecenter Wittenstein

Tower located on Paide Vallimäe, each floor of the tower has an different era.

SA Ajakeskus Wittenstein

Veski 11, 72713, Paide, Estonia

Registrycode 90010290
KMKR nr EE101468237
EE831010220191509222 SEB Pank


When coming by car, visitors with special needs can park in front of Ajakeskus Wittenstein (Veski 11, Paide).
When entering the Time Center, there is a threshold at the front door, which a museum employee will help to overcome if necessary. The entire exposition is wheelchair accessible. You can move between all floors with an elevator (there is also a elevator between the 8th and 9th floors). There are 3 accessible toilets on different floors.

All exhibits are touchable. There are film programs on every floor, visually impaired people can listen to the program and thus gain knowledge about the era.

Ants Hiiemaa Eliis Õunapuu
Member of the board Marketing manager
Tel +372 53 47 4875 Tel +372 55 54 3170

Ants Hiiemaa

Member of the board
Tel +372 53 47 4875

Eliis Õunapuu

Marketing manager
Tel +37255543170

Tarmo Põldroo

Administrative manager
Tel +372 56 98 1009