1. New courses in Wittenstein Activity Museum

New courses in Wittenstein Activity Museum

5. Jan 2024

In the spring-winter season, new exciting courses/workshops are waiting for those interested to participate.

*A small kannel course for both beginners and advanced players begins. The first meeting is on Thursday, January 11 at 4 p.m. The time may change in the future if necessary. Participation fee 10 euros. Information and registration: hedi.jyrgen@gmail.com or FB messages. When registering, let us know if and which kannel you have and if you already have playing experience.

*On 13th of January, the embroidery course will start in the clothing room of the Wittenstein Activity Museum. During the course, under the supervision of an instructor, you can embroider the sleeves, skirts, linings or aprons of the folk clothes.
The course is supervised by Kadi Vingisaar.
Meetings take place once a month on Saturdays:
13.01, 03.02, 09.03, 13.04, 11.05 and 14.09
From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m
The price of one meeting is €35 (payment on the spot in cash). The cost of materials is added.

*Knitting of kõlavöö course
Sat 20. and 27. 01 from 10 am to 1 pm
We will learn: Creating a kõlavöö based on a pattern.
Materials and tools. Patterns with 2 and 4 threads, direction of rotation of kõlas.
Knitting with belt axes. Archaic and ethnographic kõlavöö of Estonia (for example, Setu, Saarde, Karksi, Muhu). Ways to finish belt ends.
The participant will make 3-4 different ribbon samples. You can get instructions for knitting the desired belt, shoulder strap, etc.

The course fee is 40 euros in total. Materials and tools on site, but if you have your own kõlad, you can take them with you.

Pre-registration required hedi.jyrgen@gmail.com

*The Järvamaa Folk Clothing Advisory Board, which operates at the Wittenstein Activity Museum, organizes a belt weaving course.
Tutor under the guidance of Tiia Kontus.
The course takes place on three Saturdays:
in the clothes room of the Wittenstein Activity Museum (Tallinn tn 9/11, Paide), starting at 11.30 am.
Cost of the course: €55 + materials.
Registration and additional information: jarvamaa.nouandekoda@gmail.com