1. Harvesting festival 7th of October

Harvesting festival 7th of October

11. Sep 2023

🍂Welcome to Harvesting festival!🍂
On October 7, from 11 to 18, the Korilusfestival will take place in Wittenstein Activity Museum (Tallinna tn 9/11, Paide).
A versatile program and a large selection of food, both from the forest and the garden, await you!
Fresh fruits and vegetables (corresponding to the season)

From 11.00-18.00
A large selection of home preserves, herbs
Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden
🍯 Honey, herbal teas
🥕A large selection of savings
🌼 Sea buckthorn products
🥗 Fresh fruits and vegetables straight from the garden
🍄 Different cafes are open, offering both salty taste experiences and cakes.🍰
🧸Children’s area

12.00-15.00 Singers and dancers from Hammerbeck Primary School will perform,
Järvamaa wind instrument players and traditional music students of Paide Music School
12.00-14.00 Halloween pumpkin crafting workshop


11.00-18.00 Different workshops are open in Wittenstein Living museum. It is possible to buy products made by local craftsmen.
You can make a metal souvenir with the blacksmith working in the forge
You can make silver jewelry with Silversmith Anne Reinberg
Leather master Hele Kingisepp does a leather key chain or necklace making workshop.
Folk medicine is introduced by Jana Olesk, a herbalist and the hostess of Källomäe farm
Imbi Karu advises on various knitting techniques.
Reet Meimre conducts a spinning workshop and advises on spinning
Natalia Haug conducts a brooch workshop

Maarika Männili’s exhibition “Mushrooms in our forests” opened
13.00 “The best apple jam workshop” will be conducted by Källomäe farm hostess and award-winning jam master Jana Olesk. (The price of the workshop is €9)
14.00 Lecture “Drinking culture in Estonia in the Middle and Early Modern Ages. Honey drink mead”
Senior researcher of Tallinn University Inna Põltsam-Jürjo will be the lecturer. (The lecture is free)
15.30 Nöösker koja mead making workshop – Workshop in Paide: The making of mead (Workshop price €10))

Wittenstein Tavern is open and offers great tastes.

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