1. Christmas fair and advent cafes in Wittenstein Activity Museum

Christmas fair and advent cafes in Wittenstein Activity Museum

3. Nov 2023

Come and enjoy the Christmas spirit on December 3rd at the Wittenstein Activity Museum and Paide central square!
From 14:00 to 19:00 CHRISTMAS MARKET and ADVENT CAFES in the courtyard of Wittenstein Activity Museum:
The selection of products at the Christmas market is wide and there are both handicrafts and food.
The beginning of Advent is the best time to start thinking about Christmas gifts, and why not put local crafts in Santa’s gift bag?
Cafes are run by Paide caterers who offer both salty and sweet flavors.
You can enjoy fairy-tale shop windows and ride a horse-drawn carriage.
The windows will remain open throughout the Christmas season!
Also on December 10 and 17, cake cafes are open in the Wittenstein Activity Museum and you can buy Christmas gifts.
We ask sellers to contact info@wittenstein.ee or tel. 55543170

At 15:00, a Christmas anticipation concert will be held in Paide Püha Rist Church, where the choirs and soloists of Paide Hammerbeck Elementary School will perform.
At 16:00 we will light the lights on the Christmas tree in the central square of Paide together. The church teacher and the mayor share the Christmas fire, and we are delighted with performances by the singers of the PAMT music studio and the dancers of the Paide Dance Studio. In addition, Santa Claus will also come to welcome us!

Come and enjoy the wonderful beginning of the Christmas season!